BuNo. 2531, Lt. Elbert S. McCuskey, VF-42, USS Yorktown (CV-5), May 1942

Elbert Scott McCuskey was born February 8, 1915

in Little Rock, Arkansas, and after attending universities in Alabama and Arkansas, he signed up

for naval aviation training on May 28, 1938. After

successfully undergoing pilot training, he was assigned to VS-41 on the USS Ranger as an Ensign

in October 1939. In July 1941, he was reassigned to

VF-42 on the USS Yorktown, on which he would

serve until July 1942. Then, until June 1943, he

Accessories used:






trained young Naval Aviators in the art of flying,

floowing this up with a return to operational flying

as a unit commander, first with VF-6, and then,

from March 1944, with VF-8. Both of these units

were flying the Hellcat by then. During his combat career in the Second World War, he gained

13.5 kills. He remained loyal to the Navy after the

war, not retiring until July 1965. He died of a heart attack on June 15, 1997. With this Wildcat, he

shot down a Zero in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The aircraft was camouflaged in the same way as

the Wildcat flown by Lt. Edward O’Hare, and even

the markings were similar, with one difference

being the application of large American markings

on the fuselage and wings. An interesting facet

to this aircraft was the original markings on the

wings being visible under the new ones.

F4F-3 early LööK (Brassin)

F4F-3 exhausts PRINT (Brassin)

F4F-3 wheels early (Brassin)

F4F gun barrels PRINT (Brassin)

F4F-3 cockpit w/ reflector

gun sight PRINT (Brassin)

Kat. č. 648766

F4F-3 exhausts PRINT

1/48 (Brassin)

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