KITS 04/2023

Z-326M, No. 609, private owners, Slaný Airfield, 2022

This is one of the still flying aircraft produced as

C-305 for the Czechoslovak People’s Army. It was

handed over to the civilian Svazarm organization

on May 26, 1972 and was given the OK-OTD

registration. It served in the Aero Clubs of Točná,

Kladno and briefly also Jičín, where it reached

its time between overhauls and was grounded.

During the process of the assets allocation

of the then Aero Club of the Czecho-Slovak

Federation Republic, this aircraft was assigned

to the Aero Club Polička. There it underwent

overhaul, making it airworthy again, and also the

conversion to the Z-326M version. The Aero Club

than used it primarily for towing of sailplanes. In

2006, however, it was sold to a private owner who

operated it at the Líně airport. Subsequently, it

was sold to a pair of private owners who keep

flying this Trenér Master from Slaný airport.

Z-326, No. 902, private owner, Großenhain, Germany, 2022

In 1963 the management of the Moravan Otrokovice

company officially ended the production of the

Z 26 series aircraft. So, this Z-326 serial number

902 was manufactured as the “last” of all Trenérs

and was factory stored until 1965. However, the

customer demand was strong, so after two years,

serial production was running again. In June

1965, the No. 902 aircraft left Czechoslovakia for

France with registration F-BMQX. One of its first

bases was Villefranche Airport. After completing

its flight school career, it was stored and later

sold to Switzerland. Since 1992 it was in the

possession of Groupement Avion Historique in

Lausanne. At that time, but also shortly after

being sold to Germany, it bore the registration

HB-TCB. In this form, it also briefly appeared

during maintenance in the Czech Republic. It

was registered as D-ERIO after 2015 and remains

privately held.

Z-326, No. 894, Escadrille Orion, Marmande Virazeil, France 2013

After manufactured in 1963, this Z-326 was

factory stored until June 25, 1965, when it was

handed over to a French customer. It served in


INFO Eduard

the flying school in Challes and later was in the

inventory of Association Pour La Sauvegarde Des

Avions Anciens. It is a part of another group of

enthusiasts today, Escadrille Orion, based at the

Marmande Virazeil airfield.

April 2023