KITS 04/2023

6 Fighter-Bomber Air Regiment, Přerov Air Base, Czechoslovakia, summer 1974

The unit emblem on the nose hints the aircraft

belonged to 6. sbolp (6 Fighter-Bomber Air

Regiment), but it is unclear which squadron flew

it. It might be the Squadron 2, and thus the top

of the fin and the dot in the unit crest were blue.

Aircraft flown by the Squadron 1 had these parts

painted in red while the Squadron 3 yellow.

Indonesian Air Force, Jakarta-Kemajoran Air Base, Indonesia, 1960s

A total of fifteen Czechoslovak-built UTI MiG-15s

was delivered to Indonesia during the late fifties.

All were taken out of inventory in 1973 when the

T-33A Shooting Stars replaced them. The colorful

tail appeared on Indonesian MiG-17s and MiG-21s

as well.

Soviet Union, 1960s through the 1970s

Many Soviet two-seater UTI MiG-15s wore the

underlined letter “U” in Cyrillic along with the

April 2023

fuselage number. It was the abbreviation of

the term “uchobnyi”, meaning “training”. Black

walkways are not visible in the photo of this


INFO Eduard