This MiG-29, which was originally used by the Ukrainian aerobatic

group Falcons, has been put back into service thanks to the

delivery of spare parts.

From the Davis-Monthan base in Tucson, a US C-17 transported

a Mi-8MTV V5 helicopter that was originally destined for

Afghanistan but has now been donated to Ukraine.

together again the Ukrainian AF could deploy

them just in time when they were needed the

most, in Donbas and Kherson fighting.

Besides the fighters the numerous helicopter deliveries are headed for Ukraine. Starting in April in total 20 Mi-17V5 helicopters

were delivered from the USA. The Ukrainians deploy them together with their Mi-8s.

In case of the “American” helicopters these

were the airplanes originally destined for


In the end of May Czech Republic confirmed

delivery of 12 Mi-24 combat helicopters to

Ukraine. The media informed about Mi-24D

version, but such a thing is not possible, because Mi-24D helicopters were scrapped

several years ago in the Czech Republic and

they can be found there only as museum

exhibits. The information about what was in

fact delivered is classified of course, but it

is not difficult to guess that, given the number, these were some Mi-24V or even Mi-35s

that were probably intended for sale prior to

the delivery of the H-1 helicopters, which the

Czech Republic ordered as a replacement for

the Hinds in the number of 12 units. According to some reports, these Hinds have also

undergone a partial modernization and maybe an overhaul, but official sources are silent

on the subject... Thirdly, Slovakia announced

delivery of their helicopters. On Wednesday

June 15, Slovak Minister of Defense Jaroslav

Naď made an announcement also saying

that the helicopters already safely arrived in

Ukraine. There were four Mi-17 and one Mi-2

supplied. Slovakia stuck these of charge after receiving UH-60M Black Hawks.

Drones from auctions and fund raising

Ukrajinské ozbrojené sily získali netradičThe

Ukrainian armed forces obtained several

drones in rather unorthodox way. For example, the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra,

who on May 14 won the Eurovision competition with the song Stefania, contributed to


INFO Eduard

their purchase. On the following day the photographs appeared on the social networks

showing the messages ridiculing the group

which Russians inscribed on the bombs

consequently dropped on the Ukrainian cities. Kalush Orchestra reacted in a way that

ultimately will freeze the smile on the Russian soldiers‘ faces. As a winning price the

group received a crystal microphone which

they in the end of May listed on the internet

auction. The trophy was sold for 900,000

USD. The pink hat, worn by the singer Oleh

Psiuk during the Eurovision performance,

was sold in auction for another 370,000 USD.

Altogether the band raised 1.27 million USD.

These money will be used to purchase the

Ukraine-made PD-2 drones. The Ukrainian

army uses them for reconnaissance, localizing the targets and artillery fire guidance.

In the end of May a fund raising took place in

Lithuania to purchase TB2 Bayraktar drone.

In couple of day almost 6 million EUR was

raised. Shortly after the rumors from Russia

spread stating that this particular drone was

shot down 3.5 minutes after its take off. The

Lithuanians calmly reacted that this drone

was still being manufactured and delivery

would take another three weeks at least.

Turkish manufacturer Baykar however refused to accept the fund-raising money from

the Lithuanian representatives and offered

the drone free of charge.

“Turkey was highly impressed by the determination of the Lithuanian citizens to help

Ukraine and that the funds were raised so

quickly, and the name Bayraktar was spoken around the world”, said the fund-raising

organizer Andrius Tapinas. Due to that, 1.5

million EUR raised was transferred to the

Lithuanian Ministry of Defense who use

these money to purchase the ammunition

for Bayraktar. The remaining 4.4 million EUR,

Lithuanians raised almost 6 million euros to purchase Bayraktar for Ukraine.

July 2022