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S-199.389, por. Jaroslav Plecitý, 3rd Squadron, 18 Fighter Air Regiment,

Pilsen-Bory, August 1952

The aircraft was assigned to the Air Regiment

No. 8 located in Brno on March 28, 1949. There, rtn.

(sergeant) František Bauer collided with another aircraft (S-199.97) during taxiing, but the aircraft suffered no damage. But the aircraft did not avoid damage

finally, as it was crashed on September 15, 1949, by

rtn. Josef Jiroušek. The causation of the crash remains unclear. The airframe was repaired, and the

engine overhauled. After that, the aircraft was assigned to the 18 Fighter Air Regiment, where it was

assigned to the 3rd Squadron and received the fuselage code EX-57. On August 14, 1952, it was damaged

on landing. After the crash, it was painted a darker

green color as part of the repairs, but the fuselage

code remained the same.

S-199.253, rtn. Jiljí Horák, Air Regiment No. 5, Plzeň-Bory, February 1950

This aircraft was flown by rtn. (sergeant) Jiljí Horák

when it was forced to an emergency landing near

Červený Hrádek town on February 25, 1950. At the

time of the incident, the aircraft bore numerous signs of wear and tear and repairs, the most visible of

which were the replacements of some metal parts

of the fuselage left in bare-metal. There were also

several areas of peeling paint on the aircraft. After

the emergency landing, the airframe went in for repairs and the engine for inspection. However, in Ku-

novice factory, where the repair was carried out, the

aircraft suffered another unspecified crash and had

to be repaired again. It was then handed over to the

next user, the 4 Air Training Regiment.

S-199.182, Police Air Patrol, vrch. stržm. Josef Sobota,

Praha-Ruzyně, December 1949

The Police Air Patrol unit operated this aircraft at

Praha-Ruzyně airport, where it was damaged during

taxiing on December 6, 1949. The pilot, vrch. Stržm.

(Chief Constable) Josef Sobota, collided with a fuel

truck during taxiing. After December 23, 1950, pro-

July 2022

bably in March 1951, the aircraft was handed over to

the Air Force. By the time it had just 78 flight hours

recorded during service with the Police Air Patrol.

It was marked in typical coloring of this aviation

component of Czechoslovak Police, i.e., two-tone

grey paint scheme, complemented by a scarlet nose,

wing leading edge and with scarlet horizontal tail


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