USS Arizona in fashion of late 30´s (photo: National Archives).

During a training exercise, the Arizona

collided with the USS Oklahoma on the

night of October 22, 1941, as a result of

a misinterpretation of signals regarding

a change in course of the latter. The bow

was struck from the port side at the 75th

bulkhead, immediately behind the smokestack. It resulted in the penetration of

the anti-torpedo armor, resulting in a list

of 2.5° to port. The extent of the damage

was not made clear until repairs were

made in drydock, into which the Arizona was placed on October 27. An almost

10-meter section of the anti-torpedo armor was destroyed between Bulkheads

70 and 78, beginning at about 1.25 m

(4 feet) below the waterline. Four fuel

tanks were compromised. Repairs took

less than two weeks to complete, and during this time, Arizona’s duties were performed by the less damaged USS Okla-

Rear Admiral Russell Wilson, USN Rear Admiral Chester W. Nimitz,

USN., during change of command ceremony aboard the USS ARIZONA,

San Pedro, CA.,May 27, 1939. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz commanded

the 1st Battle Division since September 17, 1938 (phto: Official U.S. Navy

Photograph, Naval History and Heritage Command).

March 2022

homa. The last time that the USS Arizona

left Pearl was to conduct nighttime firing

exercises on the night of December 4, 1941.

On her return, she anchored in her usual

position behind the USS Tennessee and

the USS Oklahoma, and the USS Nevada

was anchored behind her. On December 6,

1941, the repair ship USS Vestal anchored

along her port side.

(To Be Continued)

USS Arizona in drydock at Pearl Harbor on March 3, 1932. Arizona sailed from San Pedro to Oahu in Feb-ruary, 1932, for her first

visit to Pearl Harbor, which later became her main and final base.

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