built by Shane Doak

Cat. No. 11143

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Spitfire model I built for my son and my joy

Building the Spitfire Mk.I from “SPITFIRE STORY: The Few” boxing

was a complete joy. Before this build, I had very little interest in

the Spitfire as an aircraft. I was aware of its importance in aviation

as a cutting edge design. And I understood it was key in keeping

the German invasion at bay by helping to win the Battle of Britain.

When “The Few” was released, I was sure it was going to be

a fantastic model worth building despite having little interest in the

subject itself. That feeling didn’t last long. I have a child like wonder with new kits. I can´t resist taping together the main assembly

to get a feeling for the airframes shape, and the quality of the kit.

I was very happy with both. Seeing the large elliptical wings with

their steep angle caused me to instantly love the spitfire. The fine

surface detail and raised rivets caught my eye immediately.

I quickly decided it would be my next project and I began ordering

the aftermarket goodies from Eduard. I ordered the wing gun bays,

LööKplus set which included the resin exhaust manifolds and

wheels as well as the instrument panel. Lastly I knew I wanted to

try my hand at painting on the roundels, so I got the masks coming

along with all the Spitfire MR.PAINT colors that were available.

The build had me so excited I knew I wanted a lot of social media

involvement with the spitfire. As admin of the independent Eduard

fan page on Facebook, I started a group build hoping more people

would get involved with this amazing kit. I chose not to compete in

68 eduard

the contest, instead focusing on my build and keeping the contest

full of new posts, promotions, and keeping the peace.

Assembly was an absolute treat, the cockpit is very well detailed

from the box and needed nothing to create awesome realism.

Fitting the resin and photo-etch gun bays into the wings was time

consuming but the fit and ease of assembly was beautiful. I wanted to incorporate many famous attributes of the Spitfire into one

model. I decided rather than twist the reality of one of the famous

spitfires whose markings are included with the kit, I went with

my new born son´s initials (Damian Shane Doak) for the squadron

code. It was common place for the wing commanders initials to be

used for the squadron code, which is where I got the idea.

This gave me the freedom to take some of the most interesting

traits of the Mk.I’s various versions, and put them all into one build

without discrediting a specific bird. The ease of construction combined with the accuracy of the kit allowed me to really focus on the

paint and weathering. I wanted to capture a battle weary Spitfire

being re-armed for its second or third mission of the day. The

Spitfire is a romantic aircraft and capturing its story has given me

a deep appreciation for the machine and the men who flew them.

I look forward to building many more.

INFO Eduard - May 2021