The title is loosely based on the Tora Tora Tora!

code as applied to modeling, including several

hundred languages of tribes that reside and

model on Papua New Guinea*. Take it as a general instruction what to do with our new Zero

that is just being officially released today and so

begins its campaign throughout the modeling

world. There is not much sense in delving into

detail descriptions of the kit within the pages of

this editorial. It has been known that we were

to release this kit for some six weeks now, and

with a few dozen Facebook and Instagram posts, currently on-going build articles, and even

thanks to today’s newsletter release, much is already known about it even to those who wouldn’t

bother to care about Zero just a month ago. We

are at the beginning of a long road that will see

the release of all versions of the A6M in all our

production lines, from Limited Editions through ProfiPacks and on to Weekend kits. As has

been our style to do so, we have designed and

are completing molds for all the subvariants of

the type, starting with the A6M2 Type 11 and ending with the A6M7. Our series will also include

my personal favorite Rufe float version and the

two seater A6M2-K. There will be a lot of Zero

kits coming out, including versions that have not

been properly done by any other manufacturer.

And we will not be saying goodbye to the line any

time soon. To research, draw, design and print

tens, if not hundreds of schemes, is a job for

years, if not decades, and, to paraphrase well-known words, before we´re through with ´em,

this Japanese subject will be common in the

modeling world!

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!

So, here we are, at the end of another year! Today’s newsletter will be mostly about new releases for December, and we will begin to introduce our plans for the year that is about to

follow. I will leave a breakdown of this year’s

company performance for January’s newsletter.

This year hasn’t yet ended, so let´s not draw up

the bill in the absence of the innkeeper. The main

release for the month of December is the aforementioned Zero kit released in Limited Edition

line under the name “Tora Tora Tora!”. It is a Dual

Combo item and further details are provided

within the pages of this newsletter further on

down. Other versions, and the sequence of their

release, will be described when we get to new

items planned for next year.

Kits in December

Up to the summer, our production capacity was

taxed to the limit in an effort to replenish our catalog items to the point where there was virtually nothing left for the fine-tuning of new molds

or production of new releases. In any case, work

was being done on new molds, and by the summer, we had three new sets ready for testing and

fine tuning. These were the Camel, the Trener

and the Zero. At the time, our stock of catalog

items had pulled itself together and we turned

our attention to some of those fine-tuning duties. The results are evident, and they speak for

themselves. We have been able to release the

first new kits of all three types over the last four

months. All are in the Limited Edition line. In



September, it was the Camel in the ”Camel & Co.”

kit, in November it was the ”Trener” kit, and now,

for December, we have the A6M2 Zero Type 21

kit. With the Tora Tora Tora! Limited Edition package, and ProfiPack editions of the Trener and

Camel kits, all three of them are being offered

in December simultaneously. The latter two are

now more specific items , as the Camel is released as a Bentley BR.1 engine powered specification and the Trener kit focuses on the Z226M/

MS, which is an upgraded version powered by an

M-137 engine. The sequence of these releases is

the result of the scheme which was introduced

last year and fine-tuned during 2021. You may

have noticed that beginning with the Mustang,

the sequence was to release the Limited Edition kit as the first, followed by the ProfiPack, and

then finally by Weekend kits. The typical release

structure of any month then contains something

from each line, Limited, ProfiPack and Weekend.

For December, this includes one Limited Edition

kit, two ProfiPacks and a Weekend Edition kit.

This is complemented by another Limited Edition and two ProfiPacks as re-editions for this

month. The ProfiPacks are the Tempest Mk.V

Series 1 and a MiG-21PF, both in 1:48th scale. The

Limited Edition kit is the familiar Tornado GR.1

in 1:72nd scale under the name “Desert Babes”.

Back in June, this kit sold out before the end of

the week after its release, which was enough to

contemplate a second edition. I believe that this

time around, Desert Babes will last longer than

before. A portion of these kits will be sold with

posters depicting the nose art carried by the aircraft in the marking options. These will be the

same as those that were offered with the previous 1:48th scale version of the kit of the same

name. The noted Weekend kit is the Bf 109E-7 in

1:48th scale. We picked out some nice marking

options for this kit that will go against the common perception that this was exclusively a tropical version of the Emil. It wasn’t. The defining

features of the E-7 were the engine used (the DB

601N) and a fuel system that allowed the carriage of a fuselage drop tank.

ding a 3D printed engine and PE landing flaps

will be available in January, and in following

months as well. The engine will be released in

two versions. The first one, to be released in January under Catalog Number 648694, is a one-piece matter intended to be used with closed

maintenance panels cowling, as a ”ready-to-fly”

configuration. The second offering of the engine

will be more detailed and complex, with separate pistons in a fairly classical Brassin rendition,

with a complete exhaust piping and with all the

equipment on the rear side of the engine and on

the firewall. Obviously, this one is intended to be

displayed with open cowling panels. Similarly,

the landing flaps will be offered as two different

products, one photoetched and one 3D printed. If

the Zero is your bag, whether you have opted for

the Limited Edition Tora Tora Tora! kit or January’s ProfiPack, you have plenty of time to decide

which accessories are right for your project.

There will be no shortage of options anytime


There are many other accessory items as well.

For example, we have two Space sets that cover

Remove Before Flight tags in 1:48th scale, and

another two sets covering American naval flags

in 1:350th scale. Those are also part of the Spa-

December Accessories

In the accessories line, we have, naturally, the

first items available for the Zero, although not

a lot, being at the beginning of this theme as we

are. It comes in the form of a TFace mask, for

both the inner and outer clear surfaces, a 3D

printed seat, resin wheels, bronze landing gear

legs, Space and LooK sets, steel seat belts in the

Zoom line, and a stencil data decal sheet in the

Eduard Decal line. Other accessory items, inclu-

INFO Eduard - December 2021