KITS 12/2021

OK-LLR, No. 133, civic club owner, Sazená airfield, Czech Republic, 2015

Bright red color of this Trenér is work of Igor Rumanovský, who made the paintwork in May 2005 at the Nitra airfield. The aircraft

was in possession of Aero Club Banská Bystrica and based at the nearby airfield Sliač. For some time, the OM-LLR, as it was

matriculated in Slovakia, served at the Očová airfield, and then was sold to Czech Republic in 2011. The new owner was and still

is the civic club Podřipská historická letka (translates as Historic flight of the Říp mountain foothills). At the present, the aircraft

is non-airworthy and stored due to the ground accident damage in 2019. Repair is planned as the airframe still has a lot of flight

hours to the end of its life cycle.

OK-IFJ, No. 750, Zbraslavice Aero Club, Czech Republic 2020

No. 750 Trenér was manufactured in 1954 as Z-126 and rebuilt to the Z-226MS standard during its second main overhaul. At the

time the aircraft also got the present colors, which are the design of Jiří Hodan, pilot and renowned modeler. The aircraft experienced engine malfunction during the tow on July 1, 2012. Pilot, after hearing the massive bang from the engine, experienced loss

of power and vibrations. After glider release, he stopped the engine and conducted emergency landing on the airfield successfully.

OK-KNN, No. 41-09, Vysoké Mýto Aero Club, Czech Republic, 2013

The towing workhorse of the Vysoké Mýto Aero Club was produced as Z-126 in 1956 and first served with Slaný Aero Club. It was

handed over to Točná Aero Club in 1967 and two years later to Dvůr Králové Aero Club. Starting from 1976 it serves with Vysoké

Mýto Aero Club until today. During third overhaul, finished in June 1981, the aircraft was rebuilt to the Z-226M standard and

later to Z-226MS. On November 25, 2013, the engine malfunction forced pilot to conduct emergency landing on the field near to

Kroměříž city. The aircraft was undamaged, but during the engine change another overhaul was made. Due to the minor damage

to the rudder the fabric cover was changed in 2014 and it was left white without the blue stripes as on the rest of the aircraft. It

flies with the white rudder until today.



INFO Eduard - December 2021