KITS 12/2021

OK-JCA, No. 839, Gliding Aerobatic Club, Benešov airfield, Czech Republic, 2020

This aircraft was manufactured as Z-126 version and got the matriculation OK-JHJ. It was rebuilt as Z-226M and MS later in 1999.

At the same time Jičín Aero Club bought it and used as a towing aircraft until 2012. The next user, Gliding Aerobatic Club of Miloš

Ramert brought it in 2012. There, the exhaust silencer was fitted due to the proximity of Benešov town, as well as the touristic

area around the Konopiště castle. On the rudder, the sticker with Rumcajz illustration was placed by Jičín Aero Club members,

as the city is Centrepoint of the fairy-tale about this fictional person. At the time it was sold to GAC the sticker was already faded

out significantly. For the appearance of the aircraft as it was used during its Jičín era, you may use the full-color decal of the

figure (marked by “a” suffix). The spinner was blue at the time and exhaust was not fitted with the silencer.

OK-MPA, No. 246, Aero Club Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Czech Republic, 2019

Trenér No. 246 was manufactured in 1958 and was registered in December the same year as the Z-226B towing special with rear

controls only. It flies with the Frýdlant nad Ostravicí Aero Club from 2009, when it was brought from Havlíčkův Brod Aero Club.

During overhaul in 1989 the M-137 engine was installed and the V-503A automatic pitch-control propeller as well. Thus, together

with other necessary changes it was brought to the standard of Z-226MS. The aircraft was used in various gliding contests as

the tow, two of them, the Euroglide 2008 and 2012 are commemorated by stickers on the left side of the vertical fin. The exhaust

silencer was installed by Frýdlant Aero Club to keep the noise levels low.

OK-JGT, No. 804, private owners, Rakovník airfield, Czech Republic, 2021

Unusual colors of the OK-JGT make it very attractive, and the matriculation gave it the nickname „Jogurt“ (yoghurt in Czech). The

aircraft was manufactured as Z-126 and served with various Aero Clubs in the Central Bohemia region. For some time, it was

used by Aero Club operating from international airport Praha – Ruzyně. It was modified to the Z-226MS standard in 1998 and

brought by group of private owners later. They operate it from the Rakovník airfield today.

INFO Eduard - December 2021