Footage of columns of smoke over the port of Sevastopol after a drone strike on Oct. 29 has emerged on social media.

Photo: Twitter

Attacks in the rear

While Russia shelled civilian infrastructure all month long, at the end of the reporting period the Ukrainians managed two

hussar stunts in the form of attacks on military bases deep in the Russian rear. First

was a combined naval and aerial drone

attack on the port of Sevastopol in occupied Crimea in the early hours of Saturday

October 29.

According to an official Russian statement,

nine drones and seven remotely controlled

boats loaded with explosives attacked Sevastopol. All the flying drones were to be

shot down and the kamikaze craft lightly damaged one minesweeper. However,

several large columns of black smoke

were rising from the harbor. These were

explained by the Russian side as part of

a “planned exercise”. Ukraine has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack,

but local media reported two to four ships

were hit. Videos from the cameras of the

attacking kamikaze boats have also been

released, according to which at least two

ships were hit – in addition to the minesweeper Ivan Golubets, whose damage

was also admitted by the Russians, it was

supposed to be the frigate Admiral Makarov. The latter became the new flagship

Photo: Twitter

promised systems were on their way to

Ukraine during October. Britain has promised to supply Ukraine with additional

missiles for NASAMS. France, Italy, Spain,

Canada and the Netherlands have also

promised to supply surface-to-air missiles or radars.

Ukrainian Mi-24P helicopter with two 30 mm caliber cannons. Similar eyes appeared painted on the Mi-8.

December 2022

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