the parts. The glue is then applied and

after about five seconds, the parts are

pressed together. The pressing together

will squeeze out redundant plastic which

is then allowed to harden for 24 hours until it can be sanded smooth. This creates

an excellent connection of the parts and

the join line will be invisible on the kit.

The biggest advantage to using solvent

based glues is the strength of the joint

and the neat join line that they provide

with proper use. They are great for modern kits with a high level of precision

of molding, where the fit of parts is to

a very high tolerance. Use of any other

types of glues, notably cyanoacrylate types,

could lead to problematic misalignment

of parts, even if to a small degree.

Solvent type adhesives are irreplaceable in the role that they fulfill in plastic

modelling and should be at the disposal

of every modeller, at least in the thin variety as well as the extra thin, or ‘basic’ and

‘brush on’, and in greater versions as we

have discussed here.

Main Advantages to Mr. Hobby Solvent

Based Adhesives

• Bond strength

• Clean joints

• Application brush generally included

• Speed of bonding

• Use repetition

• Low volume usage per application

• Easy and precise application

• Economical

• Sturdy packaging

• Long shelf life

• Easy storage with no special


Main Disadvantages and Risks

of Mr Hobby Solvent based Adhesives

• Significant odor

• Longer through and through

curing time

• Risk of failure of joint if too much

is applied

• Risk of surface etching where no

adhesive is desired as a result

of poor application