Footage of a crashed MiG-29 with blue-yellow coloring

on its wings appeared on January 7.

A Polish-made Krab self-propelled howitzer was saved from a Russian Lancet kamikaze drone by a metal mesh.

5. Obviously, a Su-34, which wreck was

shown in the video on January 25 had

been lost quite some time before. The

Ukrainian forces lost several drones as

well. On January 6, the mercenaries from

the so-called Wagner group published

a video which shows how they, firing the

portable rocket launchers, hit an airplane,

probably a Ukrainian Su-25. The following

day, on January 7, the satellite images

were published showing the crashed

Ukrainian Mig-29. When and under which

circumstances the airplane was lost

remains unknown. On January 18, in the

morning, a tragedy took place in the town

of Brovary east of Kiev where an Airbus

H225 helicopter crashed. 14 people were

killed including the Ukrainian Secretary

of State, his deputy and the state


Even before the conflict the Ukrainian

Department of State bought 21 H225

helicopters (originally Eurocopter EC225

Super Puma). Deliveries started in 2018.

They were used by the Governmental

Rescue Service and the National Guard.

The aircraft that crashed belonged to

the rescue service and there were nine

passengers on board – besides the crew

members it was Secretary of State Denys

Monastyrskyi, his first deputy Yevhenii

Yenin, state commissioner Yuri Lubkovich

and other department officials. The

aircraft was enroute to Kharkiv. According

to the eye witnesses the helicopter flew

close to the ground but straight and there

were no indications that it was having

any problems. It flew three circles above

the town of Brovary east of Kiev and

then it suddenly started to descend, hit

a kindergarten, and crashed next to the

multi-family residential building. It was

dark and foggy at the time of a crash

which could have played a significant role

in the tragedy. The kindergarten building

was set on fire and had to be evacuated.

Besides nine people in the helicopter five

more people died on the ground, including

a child. 30 people were injured out of

which 12 were children.

Till the end of January four more Ukrainian

airplane losses were confirmed. On

January 22, the mercenaries from the

so-called Wagner group shot down

a Mi-8 helicopter near Bakhmut.

Its three-member crew was killed.

On January 27, Captain Danylo Murashko

was killed near Kramatorsk during the

combat flight. He flew Su-25 from 299

Brigade of Tactical Aviation. Another

Mi-8 was shot down on January 30 near

Novodarovka in Zaporozhiye region on

a mission to supply the ammunition. Its

three-member crew did not survive. On

the last day of January, a Mi-2 helicopter

crashed near Poltava it is far from the

front line. Therefore, it can be considered

a non-combat loss. Two-member crew

47 years old pilot Vladyslav Stankevych

and 46 years old commander Gennadii

Butenko, perished in the crash.

The wreckage of a Su-25SM with the fuselage number "Blue 15" and registration RF-95152, images of which were released on January 5.

March 2023

INFO Eduard