KITS 03/2023

MiG-21bis, Tactics & Air Combat Development Establishment,

Jamnagar airbase, India, September 1986

The aircraft coded C2305 was assigned to the Center for the

development of tactics for aerial combat and served there during

September 1986. The front of the aircraft referred to its former

user, No. 4 Squadron of the IAF. This unit was dubbed “Oorials”

after the local type of mountain sheep. Together with the unit’s

motto, “Honor over Death” this symbolizes stamina, strength, and

a fighting spirit. The colorful paint scheme of Indian MiGs was

used during one of the military exercises.

MiG-21bisD, c/n 75002075, 22 eskadrila lovačkih zrakoplova, Pula airbase, Croatia, 2008

This aircraft was one of a number of MiG-21s purchased in the

first half of the nineties despite a UN embargo from the Ukraine.

The first unit to use the aircraft was the 22 eskadrila lovačkih

zrakoplova (Fighter Squadron) based at Pula. In 2003, this was

one of eight MiG-21bis aircraft to be modernized in Romania by

Aerostar to MiG-21bisD standard. Later, the plane was observed

at Zagreb, Tchakovec and Zadar. It carries a typical camouflage

scheme for the modernized bisD aircraft.

MiG-21bis, No. 3 Air Base, Graf Ignatevo, Bulgaria, from 2002

MiG-21bis serial number 75094114 was delivered to Bulgaria in

1983. The first user of the aircraft was the 19 Fighter Regiment.

From 2002, it served at Air Base No. 3 based at Graf Ignatevo,

where the MiG-21s shared the base with the more modern

MiG-29s. The last MiG-21bis delivered directly from the factory

was retired from the Bulgarian Air Force in 2015, while the

second-hand aircraft from the Soviet Air Force delivered in 1990

were retired in 2000.


INFO Eduard

March 2023