Good Day, Dear Friends

We are at the beginning of May, and so the

competition season is revving up nicely. We have

just had the traditional Moson event and the Kit

Show takes place in Kopřivnice on Saturday,

so it´s a good time to talk about this year´s

E-day. E-day 2023 takes place on Saturday,

September 23 at the Tankodrom in Milovice and

we will be following the same scheme as last

year, meaning that exhibiting modelers begin

on Friday afternoon and will include the early

evening program. We haven't exactly defined

what that will be yet, but we have interesting

possibilities and I have no doubt that Friday's

program will be at least as good as last year's.

It will be the same on Saturday, and we will be

sticking to our long-standing tradition of holding

our “The Pot” Q and A session, a “one on one”

with a special guest, and a flight demonstration

which is bound to be very popular as it always

is. This is also being discussed right now and

the options are attractive. These are the parts

that were successful last year and we will not

make any fundamental changes to them. Then

there are the points that were not quite as

successful. This was the shuttle service from

the railway station in Lysá nad Labem, and this

year we will improve it and pay more attention

to its organization. Another point to improve on


INFO Eduard

is the management of the upper parking lot for

exhibiting modelers, where the surface quality

should be better this year. This year we will

take more control over who parks where, and

after last year's experience we will limit the

freedom of choice of a parking spot to a certain

extent. It may sound dramatic, but it will be of

general benefit. And thirdly, we will push for the

improvement of the catering, which is not under

our control, but we will still push for an increase

in its quality, as well as the speed of service.

And that is about it for E-day for now, so on to

May news.


We don´t have any super-hot off the presses

premieres for May, but you will still find some

noteworthy pieces in the collection of four new

releases and two reissues. In the ProfiPACK

1:48th range, we have prepared a new edition of

the Hellcat, a late version of the F6F-5. There is

a new collection of color markings, five of the

six are Hellcats from various US Navy aircraft

carriers, deployed in the last year of the war in

the Pacific, the sixth machine is a 1951 French

Indochina Hellcat.

In the Limited Edition 1:48th range, we have

probably the last of this type dedicated to the

Spitfire Mk.V. Maybe not the very last, as there

is still another Spitfire Mk.V themed LE kit in

the game, dedicated to Czechoslovak pilots

in the RAF, but it certainly won´t be this year.

Likewise, there is also a similar Limited Edition

item dedicated to Poles, but the same applies

here, too. So “Malta”, as this item is called, is

definitely the last Spitfire Limit Edition release

this year. The story of the defense of Malta is

a magnificent one of monumental proportions,

interspersed here with other types of aircraft,

such as the Bf 109. And also, next month,

when we release our long-awaited Bf 109 F in

1:72nd, in the Limited Edition Wunderschöne

Neue Maschinen boxing, something else Malta

related will appear as well. Maltese Spitfires

are colorful not only in the stories of the planes

and their pilots, but also in their camouflage

schemes and markings, as you can judge on the

pages dedicated to this item in today´s edition

of the newsletter. If Maltese Spitfires interest

you, you can expand your knowledge about them

thanks to one of today´s historical articles. Its

author, Michal Krechowski, was, among other

things, the product manager responsible for

the development of this kit. He did this job

enthusiastically and very well, because Spitfires

in general, including Spitfires in Malta, are his

lifelong passion.

We also have two Weekend releases. In 72nd

scale, returning to the MiG-21MF Interceptor

version, lovingly dubbed “the Greyishs” here

in the Czech Republic. The nickname naturally

comes from the grey coloring of these MiGs as

delivered, which were the most powerful fighters

of the Czechoslovak Air Force at the time. They

were also the longest-serving of all the MiGs

here, and the best maintained airframes were

upgraded to MiG-21MFN standard in the 1990s

and served until the arrival of the Gripen.

The second May Weekend release is the 48th

scale Bf 109 F-4. The striking boxart image

May 2023