KITS 05/2023

5./SG 77, Cottbus, Germany, early March 1945

This aircraft was photographed at Cottbus airport

in early 1945. It bore a standard camouflage

scheme consisting of the RLM 74 and 75 colors

on the upper surfaces. The lower surfaces were

sprayed in RLM 76, which was complemented

on the fuselage bottom by a green-blue shade

of the RLM 76. The black horizontal stripe

indicates the aircraft belonged to 5. Staffel SG

77. The significance of the red flash on the engine

cowling is unknown.

yellow stripes forming a V on the wing. This marking

was introduced by Fliegerkorps IV after Romania

had crossed over to the other side of the conflict

and it was necessary to visually distinguish its own

German aircraft from the same types of Romanian

aircraft, which became enemies.

color complemented with irregular olive spots.

This modification was done hastily in field

conditions and led to partial respray of the

insignia. Also, the white stripe on the upper side

of the fuselage which indicated the unit operating

in the Mediterranean theatre was resprayed. The

aircraft belonged to the I. Gruppe and sported

unit´s emblem on the nose. The propeller cone

was probably black, complemented with a white


SG 2, Huingary, Winter 1944/1945

The standard camouflage of this aircraft of RLM

74 and 75 colors was covered with irregular white

patches on the upper and side surfaces. The yellow

band around the fuselage was complemented by

1./SG 4, Piacenza, Italy 1944

During the time Schlachtgeschwader 4 operated

in Italy, where the unit was part of efforts to slow

down advancing Allied forces, its Fw 190F-8s

sported an interesting appearance. The upper

surfaces were painted over with sandy brown

May 2023

INFO Eduard