shows one of the four marking options, an

airplane flown by Hans-Joachim Marseille, the

Star of Africa, and another star is included as

well, that of Hermann Graf. There are a further

two equally colorful machines. Now, you can

argue that there are already God knows how

many 109s out there, but the simple fact that you

can’t ignore is that there is a market for all of

them, and they just don’t get old. After all, the

main reason for releasing this Weekend kit is

the fact that at the moment all our Bf 109 F kits

in 48th are sold out, and the same is true of the

Bf 109 G-2 and G-4. So in the coming months

you can expect these types as well among new

items. I just hope it won´t cause confusion with

the pending wave of 72nd scale Fredericks and

Gustavs. And they´re even nicer than the current

quarter scale kits, believe me. I´m building one

of the first ones here right now.

As a reissue, we have the Fw 190 F-8 in 1:72nd,

which is a straight reissue in the current type

of packaging, and we did not make any major

changes to it compared to the original release.

The 1:48th scale Fokker Dr.I didn´t see any

radical changes either, but it does feature new

box art, depicting the last aerial victory of the

Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen.


In the Brassin range, this month we have, for the

first time in our history, all new products made

exclusively by 3D printing. They range from small

items such as magazines for Vickers 97 machine

guns in 1:48th, exhausts for the Spitfire Mk.IX in

1:24th, and German rudder pedals in 32nd, to

large kits such as the engine for the F4F-3A

Wildcat, and a cockpit, flaps and engine for the

Rufe. Prints everywhere you look. For me, this

is a nice result of our campaign for innovation.

In addition to the mentioned sets, in today´s

collection you will find an exhaust nozzle and

a seat for the F-35A in 1:48th from Tamiya,

a radar for the 48th scale F-16 from Kinetic and

a gun bay for our Wildcat covering the F4F-4

variant. There are also two small 1:35th scale

AFV sets and some new LööK items as well.

In the Space range, we have eight new

sets, mainly for 48th scale models. Among

photoetched and masks, there are collections

that are geared to the F-86D and PV-1 kits from

Academy, the Mi-17 from AMK and flaps for our

Rufe, all in 1:48th scale, as well as the CH-54 in

1:35 from ICM and the P-40B in 1:32nd by GWH.

There is one set is for the USS Missouri in 1:350,

and there is also one single set in 72nd, a ZOOM

for the MiG-21MF, which is, of course, intended to

complement the Weekend kit mentioned above

in the new kit release paragraph. Additionally,

there are four new BigEds, two BigSins and

three LöökPlus sets to consider. As usual, you

can find a thorough description of all sets on the

pages dedicated to May releases.

popular feature today. This month, we have an

article by Miro Barič about the fate of the USS

Hornet and other aircraft carriers during the

battles for the Solomon Islands. Next, we have

an article “The Red Baron” by Jörn Leckscheid,

bringing several new insights relating to the

personality of the most successful fighter pilot

of the Great War, Manfred von Richthofen. I have

already mentioned the Malta Spitfire project by

Michal Krechowski, in addition there are three

Boxart stories: One shade of Gray about the MiG21MF, The Last Victim about the scene depicted

on the Profipack Fokker Dr.I box (both by Richard

Plos) and Star of Africa about Hans-Joachim

Marseille by Jan Bobek.

And that will be it for me for this month.

I wish you a pleasant evening and hope that our

newsletter will be a good reading companion to


Happy modeling!

Vladimír Šulc


The article section of our newsletter, dedicated

to history and technology, is probably its most

F-35A exhaust nozzle PRINT

May 2023

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