Photo: Greg VanWyngarden


Photo: Greg VanWyngarden

DH 9 (D2931) of No. 104 Squadron, which was forced to land by Kurt Monnington on August 12th, 1918. The crew of 2/Lt. O. F. Meyer and Sgt. A. C. Wallace were captured after landing at

Bühl airfield. No. 104 Squadron made its last combat flight into the German inlands on November 10th, 1918. In the last six months of the war several of its pilots and gunners became

aces, but their unit suffered heavy losses.

Kurt Monnington's Fokker D.VII (OAW) photographed at Jasta 18 aerodrome in the summer of 1918. This aviator used the skull and crossbones motif on several Jasta 15 and Jasta 18

aircraft. It is not yet known why he chose this personal marking. None of the Württemberg infantry regiments he had previously served with had anything similar in their emblem.

INFO Eduard - June 2021