am not surprised. He could not stand communists. His

AR Iopinions

were decidedly formed based on his family’s fate

affected by Communism. Before pandemic we used to meet at the

protests because besides our common interest in models and history we also shared the opinion on the current government bureacracy. There he was always in a good mood and demonstrated optimism and faith in the future. By the way, fighter pilot Otto Hruby

from Nova Paka belonged to the larger family on his mother’s side.

that triggered his interest in the aircraft of CzeMS Perhaps

choslovak pilots. He was doing a great job on building

a Wellington installing mind-boggling (and nerve-wrecking) Eduard’s photo etched bombay and also Perina’s Hawk 75 from the

Battle of France. At one point he was seeing Lubomir Ulehla from

whom he was trying to obtain the information how his Warhawk

had been painted. He has not succeeded. According to Mr.Ulehla

combat pilots had completely different focus than camouflage of

their aircraft.


Oh yeah, Hawk... Peter made an extraordinary effort to

convince me to produce 1/48 Hawk kit. He even gifted me

a book for an inspiration. Unfortunately we did not manage it on

his time but we intend to finish the project and dedicate it to Peter’s legacy.

a part of his interest in Czechoslovak aviation history

MS Ashe was

also a great admirer of Ladislav Sitensky’s work.

He owned the original print of Sitensky’s book Squadron 312. In

1948, as ordered by communist censors, the whole printing of this

book had to be destroyed, only a few samples of the early printing

survived. In 2018 Peter took part in the 2nd edition of this book.

he was helping Sitensky’s grandaughter, Ms. Adela

AR And

Kandl, with preparation of the 2nd edition of Squadron 312.

She could borrow his 1948 copy. She was surprised by different

page numbering and photographs not featured in her copy.

they were working on re-printing the book

VS Coincidentally

with Ms.Kandl at the time we were preparing our special

issue of a Liberator, „Riders in the Sky“. We met at one of the restaurants on Budejovicka street. After an agreement we used one

of the photographs as a base for the boxart and if I remember well

we bought some pictures for the book which was a part of the kit‘s

special issue.

MS kely inheritance from his watchmaking ancestors, he was

In addition to his great skills in the fine mechanics, most li-

active in chemistry. Many are aware of his debonder and decal

setting solutions. He managed to tweak them to a great versatility.

He was able to create a strong version which made even the stiffest decals to settle. He promoted experimenting. If something did

not work for me he proved it can work and only lack of my skills is

to blame. I like to use his odorless thinner for Gunze. It will sadly

run out one day and there will be no one left to mix it again.

VS ague of professor Heyrovsky. The scientific work of HeyHe was simply scientifically oriented, like his father, colle-

rovsky’s team became a base for a family enterprise founded by

Peter’s father and taken over by Peter.

sure he inherited may skills from his father with whom

MS For

he manufactured a hydrogen generator and later molecular screens for chromatographers. At one time his father taught me a lesson when while accepting a new car he requested an

actual demonstration of a spare wheel removal which was mounted underneath the car. No one else has ever asked for this. Just a

family tradition of the precision.

AR neither proud nor arrogant about his knowledge and skills,

For some people he was a natural talent. And yet he was

he always behaved in a very civil manner. Any time he opened

anything on his model it has never been a hole with some wires

from nowhere to anywhere. He always knew what is what, why it’s

there and where it’s going to.

VS found a solution.

And when he did not know he investigated, researched and

He has always found a solution. Unfortunately there was no solution for a grave illness Peter was diagnozed with several weeks

before his passing.

We will miss you Dowseeno. We will miss your knowledge, views

and your advice. You left too early. It’s so difficult to say more and

not to repeat notorious cliches. But that we will not forget you is

not a cliche. Personality of you caliber cannot be forgotten.

*nickname based on Peter’s last name, Dousek.



INFO Eduard - June 2021