KITS 06/2021

No. 0812, 9th Air Regiment, Czechoslovak Air Force, Bechyne Air Base, Czechoslovakia, 1988

Aircraft No.0812 was delivered to 11th Air Regiment in Zatec AB in December 1964. During the relocation of MiG-21PFMs and PFs during September, 1975 the aircraft was reassigned to the 8th Air Regiment in Mosnov. The aircraft received turquoise interior color during the overhaul

in May 1980. In September 1985 the aircraft was handed over to the 9th Air Regiment located in Bechyne AB, where it was decorated with

coat of arms of the city and got new white-black outlined number also in 1989. The aircraft had performed its last flight on June 29, 1989 and

was donated to the Sobeslav Aeroclub as exhibit and memorabilia later. In the end, the aircraft was sold to Netherlands.

Red 40, Soviet Air Force, Ceske Budejovice Air Base, Czechoslovakia, late August 1988

The MiG-21PF “Red 40” was part of the force deployed during the invasion of the Warshaw Pact forces to the Czechoslovakia in August, 1968

(the operation codenamed “Operation Danube”). This aircraft had been based at the Ceske Budejovice air base for first weeks following the

invasion. Two red bands on the tail marked the aircraft participating in the Operation Danube. Cockpit was painted grey.

Red 851, Serial No. 761008, Jagdfliegergeschwader 2, Trollenhagen Air Base, German Democratic Republic, Late 80s

The air force of the GDR received this aircraft on May 1, 1965. The aircraft was flown by JG8, JG9 and finally by JG2. After that, it was put out

of service in 1988 and scrapped shortly afterwards despite a plan to sell it to Iran. This MiG-21PF became well known thanks to a propaganda movie. The fuselage number was changed to “Red 1851” for filming. The Q-badge painted on the left side of the nose indicated that the

ground personnel responsible for this aircraft were recognized for the high quality of their work. Cockpit had a turquoise color.

INFO Eduard - June 2021