JN763, No. 486 (RNZAF) Squadron, Newchurch, Great Britain, June 1944

No. 486 Squadron, a component of No. 150 Wing, was tasked with ground attack, but from mid-June 1944 to early September 1944, it was fully

occupied with intercepting V-1 flying bombs launched from occupied Europe. The Squadron's pilots were credited with the destruction of 223,5

of them. After the threat of these attacks had decreased, No. 486 Squadron, along with its sister units, moved to liberated territory and up to

the end of the war it was tasked with supporting advancing British units. The unit was disbanded on October 12, 1945 at RAF Dunsfold. On June

5, 1944, the squadron would receive aircraft, which were intended to support Operation Overlord (the invasion of Normandy) and received the

invasion stripes on the rear fuselage and wings in the form of 18-inch wide black and white bands. These were applied in haste and could be

quite inaccurate and scruffy. Photographic evidence shows stiffeners added to the rear section of the fuselage in form of fishplates (on this

aircraft and all the other Tempests featured in this box).

Accessories used

#648418 Tempest Mk.V exhaust stacks (Brassin)

#648419 empest Mk.V gun bays (Brassin)

INFO Eduard - June 2021