B4614, No. 44 (HD) Squadron, B flight, Hainault Farm, United Kingdom, February 1918

This Comic was manufactured as a standard

Camel F.1 by Portholme Aerodrome and

subsequently converted. It served with No. 44

(HD) Squadron from February 16, 1918, the very

next day it took part in a night Anti-Gotha patrol

with Lt. R. G. H. Adams at controls. Another

operational flight with this aircraft is documented

from May 19, 1918, when the aircraft was flown

by Lt. W. E. Nicholson. Although this Comic was

used for night operational flights, it retained, at

least according to available photographs, the

standard cockades on the fuselage as well as the

serial number, which appears in the photograph

to be blue rather than the standard black. The

appearance of the wings cockades remains

unknown, they might be standard, as the fuselage

ones, or toned down somehow.

648726 Sopwith Camel Comic Lewis guns PRINT (Brassin)

648674 Sopwith Camel Rotherham

air pumps PRINT (Brassin)

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