A Ukrainian Su-24 from the 7 Brigade of the Tactical AF,

shot down on March 1 near Bakhmut. Lt. Col. Viktor Volynets

and Lt. Igor Slomenikov were killed.

Deputy commander of the 831 Brigade of the Tactical AF, Major Denyc Kyrylyuk, was

shot down on March 28 while flying Su-27 „blue 30“. He was probably hit from large

distance by a R-37 missile launched from the Russian Su-35.

Russian losses

The confirmed Russian losses during the

reporting period are higher than Ukrainian

ones – at least four aircraft destroyed and

two helicopters. On March 1, the images were

published from the crash site of a Russian Su-25

which was shot down at the unknown location

in Ukraine. It’s pilot successfully ejected a was

rescued by a Mi-8. On March 3, the friendly fire

destroyed the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber

new the town on Yenakiev in Donetsk region.

It was hit by Nikopol’s AA rocket regiment.

Both crew members ejected however Major

Alexander Bondarev did not survive. Another

Russian Su-25 was shot down near Bakhmut

by the 93 Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian

armed forces. The aircraft crashed near the

village of Zaitsevo. A pilot, supposedly member

of the Wagner’s mercenary group ejected.

The fourth aircraft was lost under the unusual

circumstances. Su-27 fighter burnt at the

Uglovoye airport in Primorsk area in the Russian

far east. Normally such a loss would not have

been relevant to the war in Ukraine, however,

the attack was claimed by a partisan group and

a video of the burning aircraft was published

on March 10 by Liberty for Russia Legion.

Two destroyed helicopters were both Kamov

On March 15 a Su-25 was shot down near

Bakhmut. It was supposedly flown by

a Wagner’s mercenary. A deployed

parachute is visible in one of the pictures.

Ka-52 wreck found on March 6

near Vuhledar.

June 2023

Ka-52. Since the beginning of the invasion Russia

has lost at least 33 aircraft of this type. First, on

March 6 a video of a Ka-52 wreck near Vuhledar

was published. More details about this loss are

still unknown. Another one crashed on March

16 after it hit the high voltage lines. Both crew

members were killed. Some sources state this

took place near Orichiv in Zaporozhiye region,

others say it happened south-east of Donetsk.

The picture released by

the Russian Department

of Defense captures

Ka-52 in action. At least

33 helicopters of this type

were lost in Ukraine.

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