detachment of the Ukrainian paratrooper unit at

Oleksandrivka in Donetsk region. The aircraft fall

can be seen in video followed by great explosion

upon impact. To the left of the cloud of smoke and

fire a white parachute descending to the ground

can be seen. Therefore, the pilot was most likely

rescued. By the way it was Russia’s 30th loss of

this type of aircraft since the war started. Only

Ka-52 helicopters suffered higher losses, 34. In

April Russia also lost three helicopter, all of them

Mi-24. One was shot down by a Ukrainian 10th

Independent Mountain Attack Brigade on April

5 near the village of Berestov in the county of

Bakhmut, Donetsk region. The aircraft belonged

to the 112th Independent Helicopter Regiment

and its loss was confirmed by the Russian

authorities. It was hit by Piorun portable missile.

Both crew members were killed. One of them was

Lt. Ilnaz Fazylov. On April 20, under the unknown

circumstances, Mi-24VM was lost. According to

the limited information it crashed into the Sea

of Azov near Kyrylivke in Melitopol county. At

least one crew member was killed identified as

Major Andrej Suetov. On April 24, near Krupyansk

in Kharkov region a wreck of the Russian

Mi-24VM helicopter was found. It was stated

that it had crashed after hitting the high voltage

lines. Both crew members were killed. One loss

was sustained far from the war zone during the

non-combat flight. It’s an example of the negative

impact of the war on the Russian aircraft

maintenance. On April 26 a Mig-31BM was set on

fire and consequently crashed near the village of

Rizh-Guba. Both pilots ejected successfully.

Accused of treason

In the end let’s present the case which show the

damages caused by disobeying the orders-even

with the best intentions. In the middle of April,

a group of Ukrainian soldiers was accused of

treason and abuse of power. The reason was that

during the unauthorized mission they disclosed

the information that, in July 2022, enabled the

Russians to successfully attack the reserve

airbase Kanatove. The Ukrainian secret service

Russian Major Andrei Suetov was killed on April 20

in a Mi-24VM.

Major Andrei Suetov's name is also on the S-8 rocket

that the Russian unit feeds into the missile launcher

on the Mi-24.

About half of the tanks in the Black Sea Fleet's fuel depot in Sevastopol burned down on April 29.

A Ukrainian Su-25 fires unguided missiles at Russian


A HARM missile homed in on this Russian Tor

system (SA-15 Gauntlet).

Lieutenant Commander Ilnaz Fazylov was killed on

April 5 after his Mi-24 was shot down by the Ukrainian

10 Independent Mountain Assault Brigade.

June 2023

The crash of a MiG-31BM fighter in the Murmansk region was

captured on video on April 26.

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