Z-526AFS, OK-CXA, v. č. 1218, Jiří Kobrle, Jičín Aero Club, Czechoslovakia, 1975

This simple red and white livery was standard

on the Z-526AFS, however aircraft manufactured

in 1972 received a modified design, as the color

fields on the wing undersurfaces were no longer

distributed inversely to the upper side ones, but

symmetrically. The aircraft was operated for many

years by the Jičín Aero Club, where it was flown

by "Sir" Jiří Kobrle, a successful aerobatic and test

pilot, international aerobatics judge, publicist and

long-time representative of Czechoslovakia and

Czech Republic in the FAI aerobatics commissi-

June 2022

on. He won the national championship in 1969 and

was a member of the European Championships

winning team in Esbjerg, Denmark, in 1975. The

OK-CXA was given a “Rumcajs” fairy tale cartoon

character drawing on the fuselage. In this form,

she participated in the 1975 National Championships, for example. In 1977, the first overhaul was

carried out in Trenčín, while the second, completed

in May 1984, converted the OK-CXA to the Normal

category as modified AFS-V version. She was also

given a new blue and white livery and moved to

the Aero Club of South Bohemian district. She was

mostly flown by Hosín Aero Club and transferred

to the ownership of the Aero Club České Budějovice in 1993. In March 1997, the CXA received a new

white paint, which was complemented by "rainbow" stripes. On May 8, 2012, when on landing approach, the aircraft crashed into trees and ended in

a pond near the town of Hosín. The pilot survived

with severe injuries while the aircraft was completely destroyed.

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