Beautiful shot of the winning Rafale C of EC 3/30 snapped by the today’s best air photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga. The same photographer is responsible for the F-16 and Mi-24 shot on the first page.

Top, another shot of the French Steeltiger, and bottom, a Portuguese F-16AM of the 301st Squadron, the “Jaguars”, which attended only

through the weekend.


Uli Metternich, Remo Guidi, Hugo de Groote, Katsuhiko Tokunaga

Upper left is another photo of the Spanish EF-18M 15-08 with an anniversary Tiger scheme. Upper right is the French naval Rafale M, that

carried on its left side the blue version of the Tiger motif. Bottom left is the local F-16C Block 52+ with a nicely weathered surface. Nearly

all the aircraft carried staining around their cannon muzzles, indicative of frequent live-fire exercises. The Italian Typhoons (bottom right)

carried the IRIS-T rounds, and this European weapon is used by Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

June 2022

INFO Eduard