KITS 06/2022

Sonderkommando Blaich, Tripoli, Libya, January 1942

Sonderkommando Blaich, named after its Commander Hptm. Theo Blaich, utilised the He 111 in Libya during 1942. This liaison aircraft was part of their fleet

as well. Taifun KG+EM was modified for service in

a tropical climate and also received a desert camouflage scheme comprising of sand color with

green spots on the upper surfaces. The most interesting mission flown by this unit was successful bom-

bing raid on an Allied fuel storage facility on January

22, 1942. This Taifun played minor role in the mission

as well.

served for fighters. This aircraft probably served in

Hungary on the Eastern front. The code letters ZS

were either oversprayed or scraped off.

Hungary, 1942–1944

This aircraft carried a very unusual camouflage

scheme, made up of RLM 74, 75 and 76 shades, re-

Stab I./JG51, Soviet Union, Winter 1942 - 1943

This camouflage scheme of Bf 108 consisted of RLM

70 and 71 on upper surfaces and RLM 65 on bottom

June 2022

of the aircraft. The upper surfaces were overpainted

with white splotches, and white color was sprayed

over the outer sections of the national insignia.

INFO Eduard