KITS 06/2022

4.(H)/Aufkl. Gr. 13, Romania, April 1940

A liaison plane belonging to 4.(H)/Aufkl. Gr. 13 is

shown as it looked when based on one of the Luftwaffe’s airfields in Romania in the fall of 1940. The

plane carried fresh theatre markings designated for

the Balkan campaign – a yellow nose and tail control

surfaces. The camouflage was standard one consisting of fields of RLM 70/71 on the upper surfaces and

RLM 65 on the undersides. The 4.(H)/Aufkl. Gr. 13 mar-

king was painted on the nose of the plane, which also

sported somewhat non-standard shape of the letters

in the codes.

all surfaces. The unit marking was carried under the

windscreen and was a derivative of the Nuremburg

Coat of Arms, as the fighter Gruppe was based near

to the city before the war.

I./JG 54, France, June/July 1940

This Taifun, flown by I. Gruppe JG 54 during summer

of 1940 from occupied France, was sprayed RLM 02 on


INFO Eduard

June 2022