A HIMARS rocket launcher in action.

A Russian Tu-22M3 bomber carries three Ch-22 missiles.

nians were attacking the civilian targets and

hit the nitres storage used to make the artificial fertilizer – despite the fact the videos

clearly show the projectiles flying out of the

hit and burning storage and the secondary explosions still occured on the next day.

The nitres shortages from this, and another

storages resulted in the ten-fold drop in the

Russian artillery activities.

The Russians fail to trace and hit the highly

mobile Ukrainian rocket launchers. In revenge they shell the Ukrainian cities from

the long distances. These Russian attacks

however are very inaccurate and typically

result in the civilian casualties. On Saturday June 25 the Russian aircraft conducted

an large attack from the north out of the

Belorussian airspace. Alltogether they fired

60 rockets at Kiev, Sum and Chernihov areas.

The significant componet of the attack were

six Tu-22M3 bombers which took off from

the Shaikowka base in the Russian region of

Kaluga. They crossed the Kaluzh and Smolensk areas into Belarus where they launched Kh-22 rockets. We mentioned these out

of date missiles in the previous article. They

were designed in 1960s and are extremely inaccurate. Their deployment confirms

the more modern weapons shortage in the

Russian inventory.

It was the first Tu-22M3 bombers‘ deployment from Belarus againts Ukraine. This

Russian attack intended to deluge and at the

same time bypass the Ukrainina AA defense

which is primarily pointed towards east and

south. Having launched Kh-22 rockets the

bombers returned back to their base at Shaikowka. Only about a month ago these bombers were dropping heavy aviation bombs on

Azovstal steelworks where the last Mariupol

defenders made their last stand. On Monday

June 26, two days after this attack, the Kh-22

rockets hit the city of Kremenchuk in the central Ukraine. The target were probably two

railway stations though which, according to

the Russians assumptions, weapons‘ deliveries were being transferred to the frontlines.

Kh-22 rockets missed however. One of them

hit the emty factory hall and the other one

hit the shopping center where at least 20

civilians died and more than 50 were wounded. The Russian propaganda consequently

started to release the series of contradictory

information about what happened. First they

claimed that the shopping center had been

closed and empty for a long time. Then they

claimed it had not been hit but the fire from

the weapons storage in the neighboring factory expanded to it. Security videos however

clearly captured the rocket hit the shopping

center and also that no ammunition fire in

the neighboring hall occured.

The greatest emotions were raised however

by the Russian attack on the city of Vinnycya

in the western Ukraine. On Thursday July 14

the Russian submarine in the Black Sea fired

the Kalibr cruise missiles on it. At least one

An office building and a parking lot in the center of Vinnytsia are destroyed. MiG-21 is a monument of the Ukrainian Air Force.

August 2022

INFO Eduard