Good day, Dear Friends

Today’s intro to the newsletter will be

a short affair, because I am putting it together last minute, and I need to get a move

on to submit it on time. The reason for the

last minute rush is not my procrastination, but rather the delays in returning home

from America. The time there itself was interesting as well as pleasant. We are very

pleased that we were able to return to the

US Nationals after a two year pause, and it

was clear that our American friends felt the

same. Interest in us and our new releases

was enormous, and I have to say that I do

not remember being as busy at any event

as this one. Keep in mind, I have been going

to events for thirty years! But I do realize

that the heroes were not us. The star of the

show had to be our new Wildcat, which we

were able to complete in time thanks to our

tool makers who sacrificed much to allow

it to be that way, and also the star of August’s new releases and of this newsletter.

Model Kits

The Wildcat will be familiar to many of you,

thanks in large part to its premiere in Omaha, it was released for sale for the Afterparty event that went on simultaneously

with the Nats up to last Wednesday. I will

just say that the first release of the Wildcat is the F4F-3, and that the kit offers up


INFO Eduard

six marking options, two of which are prewar, and one of those is a typically striking

aircraft of the American interwar scheme,

while the other is already in an actual camouflage scheme. The rest are actual wartime aircraft that took part in the opening

battles of the Pacific War, from Wake Island

through Coral Sea to the Battle of Midway.

It is a ProfiPACK kit, with all of the items

that belong to the line, and finally, I will add

that it is in 1:48 scale, just in case there

is anyone amongst you that still does not

know this. The combat career of the Wildcat is well laid out in the article by Tome

Cleaver, that analyzes the defense of Wake

Island, along with other important participation of the Wildcat in the opening months

of the war in the Pacific. Of course, there

is mention of the famous battle of Butch

O’Hare and of other events that turned the

Wildcat into one of the most famous aircraft of all time.

For August, we have two ProfiPACK kits,

the second being a Spitfire Mk.Vc. It is also

in 48th scale and another in our popular

Spitfire line. That kit has five marking options, two aircraft flown by Czechoslovak

and Polish pilots fighting over Europe in

the ranks of the RAF, one is from Malta,

one is American and the last is French. For

a British aircraft, it is an almost incredibly

striking selection of birds. It is very noteworthy and should be looked at, same as

the only Weekend Edition release for the

month, that of the Sopwith Camel with

a Bentley B.R. 1 engine. Although this last

item drops down to four marking options,

each is nicer than the last.

The last of August’s new releases is the

same, Gunn’s Bunny in 1:72nd. I confess

August 2022