Green-Grey, Dark Green ...

Part 1

Text: Michal Ovčáčík

Photos: collections of the author, Jaroslav Bartáček

Miroslav Irra and Bohumír Kudlička; Aviation Research

archives via Pavel Krejčí

An interesting view of an S-199 with an unknown production number. The aircraft has evidently gone through repairs or an overhaul with a bubble canopy upgrade. The photograph

reveals points of interest for the modeler with respect to the paint scheme: the front of the aircraft to the firewall has a light color (or is new), while the remainder of the fuselage,

wings and tail surfaces yield shades consistent with the use of different materials. The fuselage has panel joints puttied over and is waiting on its base coat of paint. The control

surfaces are fabric covered and are clearcoated.

Paint Schemes of

the S-199 in the

Czechoslovak Air Force

Just as the history of the creation of this aircraft is unique, so is

the development of the camouflage schemes applied to it. The

schemes bypassed the standards of the day and developed along

similar unique lines, making them look somewhat simple or dull.

It may furthermore appear that when it comes to the looks of

these aircraft, all has been said or written already, but a close

study of not just period photographs, but also relevant archival

materials, suggests otherwise. In the light of newly uncovered

information, the notion of any monotony is dismantled and the

S-199 offers some new secrets to be revealed...


INFO Eduard

The situation of paint materials used by

the Czechoslovak aircraft industry in the

immediate aftermath of the Second World

War was far from ideal. Virtually all the

industries in the Protectorate of Bohemia

and Moravia were umbilically connected to

the German war machinery and as such,

was heavily dependent on material supplies from not only Germany, but also from

other Nazi occupied territories. The erratic

and increasingly dwindling supply chains

seen as the war neared its end resulted

in paint supplies falling to a trickle in the

August 2022