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D3328, 2Lt Wilfried Reid May, No. 209 Sqn RAF, Bertangles, France, April 21, 1918

Camel D3328 was built at the Clayton Shuttelworth

factory and served with No. 9(N) Sqn RNAS from

March 12, 1918. The unit was redesignated No. 209

Sqn RAF from April 1. On April 21, 1918, "Wop" May was

flying this Camel during the epic dogfight, which ended with the death of Manfred von Richthofen. May

was to be the pilot the Red Baron attacked before

he himself was hit by fire from Capt. Brown, ground


machine gunners, or both... The coloring of the aircraft is a reconstruction, there is no photo of the

whole aircraft, but one close-up photo shows May in

the cockpit of the aircraft with the LUCY inscription.

The photo was taken in the second half of April, it

is therefore possible that D3328 was so named. In

another photograph, the first in the line of the No.

209 Sqn Camels is an aircraft with a combination of

white fuselage stripes and a fuselage cockade. Some

Camels of the Squadron only had stripes on the fuselage, we opted for a more attractive version for the

D3328... The serial numbers of the aircraft which had

them painted on the fin disappeared under the red

color paint, which along with the red nose was the

squadron´s distinctive coloring.

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