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B-25J-32, 44-30921, 405th BS, 38th BG, 5th AF, Yonan, Okinawa, July 1945

The original cadre of the 38th BG consisted of men

transferred from the 22nd BG. Three bomber squadrons (69th BG, 70th BG, and 71st BG) supplemented by

one reconnaissance squadron (15th RS) were part of

the group. In October 1941, the 38th BG received its

first Marauders and ground echelon moved to Australia in early 1942. Two squadrons (69th and 70th)

were sent to Hawaiian Islands and got involved in

combat after arrival in May 1942. They were withdrawn from the 38th BG composition, while the remain-

der of the group arrived to Australia in August 1942. It

became a part of the 5th AF and transferred to B-25s.

Here the 405th BS, or Green Dragons as its members

called themselves, was also incorporated into the

38th BG. Their aircraft carried a green dragon head

with yellow spikes and a red tongue or muzzle on the

nose. This unit, along with the 71st BG, remained with

the group until its deactivation in 1949 (from 1943 to

1946, the 822nd BS and 823rd BS were also part of the

38th BG). From bases in Australia, New Guinea and

Biak, the 38th BG operated until October 1944. After

moving to the Philippines in January 1945, it supported US Army units on Luzon, bombed industrial targets on Formosa, and attacked ships along the China

coast. After a brief stay on Palawan, the group then

moved to Okinawa in July 1945, from where it carried

out several attacks on targets in Japan before the

war ended.


#2139X B-25J solid nose


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72425 B-25J bomb bay (PE-Set)

672206 B-25 wheels (Brassin)

672038 US 250lb bombs (Brassin)

672275 B-25J engines (Brassin)

672039 US 500lb bombs (Brassin)

672244 US 1000lb bombs (Brassin)

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