KITS 08/2022

WNr. 171180, 6./JG 300, München-Neubiberg, Germany, April–May 1945

Fw 190A-8, WNr. 171180, built by the parent company,

was discovered by the Allies at the end of the war

at the airfield in Neubiberg, not too far from Munich.

Damage sustained during taxiing on April 24, 1945,

was never repaired. JG300, as a Defense of the Reich

unit flying over Germany, marked its aircraft with

a blue-white-blue 900 mm wide fuselage band in

1945. The previous red fuselage band was discontinued in January 1945 and continued only on aircraft

served with JG 1. The original fuselage crosses were

overpainted and replaced with simplified versions in

black. Similarly, the fuselage code was replaced with

the yellow 4.

WNr. 172733, Uffz. Ernst Schröder, 5./JG 300, Löbnitz, Germany, October 1944

The aircraft flown by Ernst Schröder in October 1944

carried II. Gruppe markings in the form of a horizontal bar in the Staffel color behind the fuselage cross.

The slogan Kölle alaaf with the Cologne Coat of Arms

appeared on the left side of the fuselage, while the


INFO Eduard

name of Schroder’s girlfriend, Edelgard appeared

on the right. In November, the II. Gruppe marking disappeared under the 900 mm wide red band on the

rear fuselage. At the same time, the coat of arms was

complemented with shadowing as was the second

part of the inscription. Also an exclamation point was

added. The name of the girlfriend took on a fancier


August 2022